Terms & Conditions

ANTI V3N0M Online Store

  • By purchasing any item(s) from the ANTI V3N0M Store, you understand that your purchase is non-refundable.
  • You agree that all items purchased have no value.
  • You agree to not open any PayPal disputes and instead will resolve any disputes via a support ticket.
  • You understand that it is the customer's responsibility to manage any PayPal billing agreements that may be created during checkout.

ANTI V3N0M VIP Packages

  • The purchase of any VIP Package or VIP Slot grants the user access to only what is described in the product description.
  • You agree to obey all server rules.
  • You understand that by violating any community guidelines or server rules your account may be disabled and/or banned from our services without a refund.
  • You understand that the purchase of any VIP Package or VIP Slot does not grant the user any special privileges or exceptions that is not listed in the product information.

ANTI V3N0M Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • You agree that any cancellation requests must be submitted in 24 hours before the date of the purchase.
  • You understand that all refund requests are handled on a case to case basis and are left to the discretion of ANTI V3N0M staff. By submitting a refund request you are not guaranteed a refund of any amount.
  • You agree that to cancel any purchase you must do so via email at [email protected]

Privacy Policy

  • ANTI V3N0M will never sell, rent, or lease your information to a third party.
  • All data is securely stored and transferred on our server. While we have taken steps to prevent data breaches, no website is invulnerable. If ANTI V3N0M does fall victim to a known data breach, we will notify our customers within 48 hours of attaining this knowledge.

Read our full Privacy policy at https://antiv3n0m.com/privacy